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Cheryl Rogers

NEWS!!! If you go to or Western Stars Theater on YouTube, you will see two new interviews; Denny (Scott) Miller and Ben Cooper. I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed hosting them!

Denny (Scott) Miller is probably best remembered as the “Surfer Dude” or the “Jungle Man” on “Gilligan’s Island even though he was a regular for several years on “Wagon Train” (he was called Scott Miller on that series) and he was the Gorton Fisherman’s spokesman for 17 years. He and his wife Nancy became our dear friends many years ago through the Western events were attended. Denny had a very wicked, dry wit and he was a delight to be around. We miss him very much and I am so very glad that we got to do this interview while he was still in good health and at the top of his game.

Ben Cooper is a very dear friend. I had a crush on him when I was about 13 years old and saw him in “Johnny Guitar” at the Sherman Oaks Theater. Ben started out as a child actor, working on radio, in the New York Theater and the earliest TV shows. He has an incredible memory and, ever the perfectionist, learned not only his part of any script, but everyone else’s as well. This ability, of course, impressed the casting directors and everyone else who participated in the projects. Ben has always had a baby face and, even though he was killed in loads of his performances, he sometimes got to play the killer just because it would be such a surprise to the audience. I had a great time doing this interview and I hope you enjoy it.

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