Roy Rogers’ Films at end of WWII

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As WWII was ending, the studios were turning out war films and feel-good films to bolster our morale. The war had gone on a long time and, even though the war with Germany ended on VE Day, May 8, 1945, we were still at war with Japan until September of that year. Meanwhile the studios were cranking out films that would be seen for the following two years (three years in the case of animated films).

“Night and Day” a Warner Bros. film starring Cary Grant was released on July 8, 1946. The film featured clips from previously released films that featured Cole Porter’s music. The film has the clip of Dad and Trigger performing “Don’t Fence Me In” from 1944’s “Hollywood Canteen.”

Next released (11/7/46) was a Columbia short titled “Rodeo” which shows Dad and Trigger performing at a (surprise!) rodeo.

Next out (Dec., 1946) was one of Republic’s projects that used most of their “cowboy stars”. “Out California Way” starred Monte Hale and featured: Roy Rogers, Allan Lane, Don Red Barry and Dale Evans.

“Hollywood Cowboys” was a Columbia short that featured several Western Stars, including:  Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, William Boyd, Hoot Gibson, Tom Mix and William S. Hart.

“Melody Time” was an RKO animated feature produced by Walt Disney and was released on 5/7/48. There were seven segments to the film. Dad and The Sons of the Pioneers tell the story of “Pecos Bill.” Disney has since released this as a single feature as media changes and it is still very popular with kids.  It can also be seen on YouTube.

During the war, Republic filmed a short which was played in Republic controlled theaters on the Saturdays that Dad’s films were featured. The short is the “Roy Rogers Riders Club Prayer.” This can also be seen on YouTube.

Speaking of YouTube, don’t forget to go to my YouTube channels, Cheryl Rogers and Western Stars Theater.

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